Will Directory Submissions Work To Get Free Traffic In The Current Year?

When you submit your website or article URL to all the main search engine directories, you’ll get some good back links going back to your site and this helps index and rank your site or article better. Of course all of this means more free traffic back to your site, blog or article. You should submit your website or article URL to the following main directories:


Bing/Yahoo – Bing now powers Yahoo





The manual submission process may take you some time but it is well worth it because it can help you get more traffic going back to you website, blog or article URL. And as we all know increasing your website traffic will increase your sales.

If you don’t want to bother with the manual submission yourself you can outsource the work by using a consultant at Fiverr. This of course will cost you $5. If you use Fiverr, don’t use search engine submission consultants from Pakistan, China, or India. Many times they will fake the work and create fake traffic to your article or blog, and because of this many can’t be trusted to do the manual work needed.

When you have submitted your site or article URL to the directories, you will be listed and those listings can last for many years. So as you can see it’s well worth the submission time and effort. This is an important step in getting you free organic traffic to your website. The indexing in the directories can take from one week up to three weeks. You should keep searching your URL on the search engines to see if you have been indexed. On Google you can do this by typing the following into a Google search box:

site: yourwebsite.com

You can promote your website very well through articles by and then submitting the article URLs to the search directories. Every time you write an article and submit it to a search directory, you have a good chance of 1) using your authors bio in the article to generate interest and curiosity among readers that find your article and they will click the link there and go to your website and 2) you increase your websites page rank through the backlinks that the articles generate, once found through the search engines.

If you need the links to these directories or links to instructions that show you how to submit to the main search directories, just contact me and I’ll send them to you.

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