Your Website – A Virtual Business Card

Building a professional website for your network marketing business is an important key to success. Accessibility is a key feature of a good network marketing website. You should be prepared to accommodate the traffic that comes from a well-designed website.

Think of the Internet as a vast shopping mall with countless shops and boutiques. Each store is owned and operated by a webmaster. The entrance to a store is just like your home page. You open the doors and shed a welcoming light for your visitors when your site is fully accessible. All the graphics load quickly and the page renders seamlessly. Even visitors on older computers or those who have slow Internet connections can enjoy your site.

Accessibility will be the main factor to address when building your website. There are two forms of accessibility in use today. These are 1.0 and 2.0. Accessibility Standard 1.0 was developed in 1997. While it is functional, it is outdated and does not take into account modern advances in web design. When you are building your site, you should keep that in mind. Use Accessibility Standard 2.0 for your network marketing website whenever possible as it incorporates the most contemporary technology.

Creating a website is an easy task today. Web-authoring software and HTML editors are readily available online and in stores. You also must purchase a good domain name. It should be professional and a name you will feel comfortable with in a year. You will need to find a good hosting company after you purchase your domain.

Your content will require the most attention from you as the webmaster. You will need to provide legitimate and interesting information on your chosen topic. Your network marketing website will not draw in visitors or traffic if it is nothing more than a brochure. Offer something of interest to your visitors. Good content that is updated often will pull in more traffic than advertisements will.

Your content can be about anything relevant to your network marketing website. You can offer sections of non-topic content if you feel you can tie it in with your business. You may even offer specialized information just to bring in visitors. Do your clients have interests in common? Do they enjoy a particular hobby or art? This will make a great addition to your site if it is tastefully and tactfully incorporated.

Designing and creating your website are only the first steps in a long journey of domain administration. The next step will be to use “meta” tags. These are manually inserted into your HTML code. The most widely used meta tags are for “keywords” and “description.” Many free resources are available online discussing the use of these elements.

Lead-capturing elements are precisely what they state. They are methods used by webmasters to capture leads for network marketing. The most common methods of capturing leads are:

* Articles. Articles offered to other webmasters are a great way to lure traffic to your own site through backlinks.

* RSS feeds. These are free and easy to use and give visitors the option of carrying your news and information to their blogs and websites.

* Opt-in lists. This is a highly recommended method as it prevents your network marketing website from being labeled a spam site. Visitors offer their information voluntarily.

There are a number of things to be mindful of when attempting to generate sales leads from your website. You should avoid duplicate content, as this is risky with search engines. Improper lead pages can negatively affect visitors’ trust. Visitors may believe your site is spam if it appears too focused on sales. These are just a few things to keep an eye on when building your network marketing website.

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