5 SEO Things That Should Be Done Every Week

If you want to be really good at SEO, you need to be very very flexible. Putting all your efforts on one particular idea doesn’t work at all as search engine algorithms change from time to time.

Here are few SEO tips you can implement every week.

1. Improvise or Redesign your website once a week: Why? Here are the reasons.

a. Can improve your visitor experience.

b. Make your website more competitive.

c. Understand the loop holes in your previous design and fix them.

2. Add 2 pages of content every week: Add 2 pages of content to your site every week as it

a. Increases the search visibility.

b. Keep your visitors updated with latest information in your niche.

c. Can receive more free links to your new pages.

d. Finally, it increases value of your website.

3. Site review requests: Find 5 SEO forums that accept site review requests and write a review in each forum every week. This can help you in following ways.

a. Looking at someone else’s mistakes with an unemotional point of view will improve your self analysis.

b. You can learn faster.

c. Can get new ideas by looking at other’s sites.

4. Release a 5 page free eBook or white paper every week: Why?

a. Can provide valuable information to your customers and thereby increase credibility and value.

5. Sometimes, making slight changes to your least performing pages can make them become best performing pages. Optimize your least performing pages with the strategies you implemented for your best performing pages.

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