Using Squidoo To Boost Your Sales

Having a successful internet marketing strategy is an essential part of the marketing function and one has to ensure that we work with the right people as well. The internet marketing scenario is constantly changing and search engines such as Google are constantly updating and churning their algorithms to beat spammers and automated bots.

In such a case traditional methods such as hardcore backlink building have become fairly outdated. Updates such as the Google Penguin and Panda are forcing internet marketers to rethink their strategies and provide something outside the box. Through these changes and innovations the Squidoo lens promotion techniques have remained untouched and they are still a widely used option.

The Squidoo lens promotion service is provided by a host of firms in the market and there is no dearth of options. In fact the service itself is free and anyone can use it. However, Squidoo is a platform which requires high quality articles and most firms are not able to come up with articles by themselves. This is where content writing firms and internet marketing firms come into the picture. Firms which have an SEO team as well as a content writing team will be able to provide excellent Squidoo services.

These lenses can be used to promote text, images and even videos. They are often customized according to the requirements of the individual clients. Each firm offers a variety of packages ranging from basic to advanced options.

Choosing a good package will result in well directed niche traffic. Unlike traditional backlinks were the traffic is often irrelevant Squidoo lenses offer good quality traffic which often results in sale. The website has to be constructed in such a way that it is user friendly and easy to optimize. This will result in higher sales over a period of time.

Promoting The lens

One cannot expect results overnight and Squidoo lens promotion takes place over a period of time. Squidoo lenses need to be promoted frequently and this will increase the lens rank in due course of time. Since Squidoo has a good relationship with the search engines, it results in higher rankings as well. Promotion involves identifying the appropriate places for promotion at several locations around the internet. Squidoo lens promotion service and search engine optimization go hand in hand. This is why it is essential to choose a company which is well versed in providing high quality SEO and social media services.

Keywords are essential for the success of Squidoo lenses and one has to conduct in depth research before attempting any strategy. If the keywords have a good balance of low competition and high search results, they will be extremely useful. One can use the several keyword tools which are available for specific search engines to perform this function. One page optimization is essential as well. The same keywords which are being used in external sources and in the Squidoo promotion should also be used in the website.

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