Google Traffic – An Introduction to Monitoring Website Visits

Google provides a helpful service called Google Traffic that helps website owners understand how users are finding their sites. Google Traffic Reporting also makes it easy to compare and contrast the nature and value of website visits based on their sources. To use this major search engine’s resources productively, it is important to learn the basics of the service.


Traffic: The number and nature of website visits.

Sources: The way a visitor finds your site. One example is typing keywords into a search engine and following paid or unpaid links to your site. Other sources come from users typing your URL in themselves, from other sites or article directories, your newsletter or any other route the user follows to reach your website.

Mediums: The medium in the case of website traffic refers to the type of referring site other than direct traffic.

Keywords: The words or phrases typed into the search engine to access your site.

Organic Traffic: Website visits that result from unpaid sources like links in blogs, articles or search engine results as opposed to visits from paid advertising links.

Google Traffic Reporting

Google Analytics helps you evaluate the responses of Internet users to sources of your website traffic. Charts, graphs and tables are used to show instant representations of the successful and not so successful ways consumers are finding your site.

To get this important information on website visits, you can use Google Reporting tools by searching each individual source, media or keyword. The process is simple and fairly self explanatory.

Further metrics are used to show you crucial facts about those website visits. You can evaluate the Google Traffic Reports to see whether these visits are doing you any good. It is possible with this service to find out about how long visitors stay on your site, what they are doing while on your site, and what pages are most popular.

Analyzing Campaigns

Find out more about website traffic and how it relates to a paid advertising campaign, an SEO campaign or an article marketing campaign, or meets specific goals of your campaign. You can use these data to work out the actions you need to take to bring in more valuable website traffic. For example, if keywords in your SEO campaign are performing poorly, you can research better keywords that will help visitors find your site more easily. You can put in your own time and effort to find these effective keywords or hire an SEO company to do the work for you.

Using Google Traffic Reporting is a smart way to manage and improve your website and better direct traffic to your site. The more you learn about and use these analytical methods, the more popular your website can become.

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