Pay Per Click (PPC) – Dangerous Myth of Set & Forget

On the internet, there is no end of scams, the worse thing is that some of them are NOT illegal! These scams result in many myths being created in the minds of the innocent consumers & even business owners. Here is a very common pay per click myths you need to know.

Dangerous Pay Per Click Myth: Set It & Forget It

This might be the worst & most popular myth of all. Have you heard people telling how they can set something up then have income coming in forever? Too good to be true? Yes, it is a myth that sounds so good yet it is still a myth.

You need a really good system to start with when you are setting up your web business & pay per click campaigns. Yet profits are never guaranteed, you still need to test, track & tweak accordingly.

Even if you have some experience with pay per click, guess what? You will still lose some money at times. Nobody is 100% profitable, 100% of the time. It is in the process of going through some losing campaigns before you find a winning campaign that can cover your losses with a lot of money left over.

Once you start getting more profitable, you can spend less time monitoring it, however, you cannot totally forget it. Even if you can hire people to do your work, you still need to train, coach, motivate, manage or supervise them, right?


You want to set up a solid business system, make it profitable using pay per click then outsource some of the tasks to free up your own time. This online business with pay per click can potentially produce consistent profits with minimum effort & time, which is what you want, right?

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