Basic Do it Yourself SEO

While moving your website up the Search Engines results Pages may seem like a daunting task, it is actually a great deal easier than you think to do basic SEO on your site without having to pay monthly retainers or large lump sums to a search marketer. While increasing your backlinks and optimising your URL structure is important, there are various simple things that you can do to your site to make it more SEO friendly and as a result, not only move higher up the SERPS, but make navigating the site a great deal more pleasant for your users.

The most important aspect of any decent SEO campaign is to know what keywords you are targeting for. It is imperative that your keywords are properly researched as this forms the basis for most of your onsite SEO activities. By using tools like Google Analytics, you will be able to accurately assess the right keywords for your business.

Once you have your keywords properly defined, the next step is to optimise your title tags. You need to remember that you have a maximum of 64 characters in the title tag, so you need to be very smart about your word structure.

While meta info is not particularly useful from an SEO point of view, it does provide valuable opening information to potential users of the site and serves to entice them to follow through to your page from the SERPS. As a result you should try to make your meta info as succinct and informative as possible.

Good luck!

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