Affiliate Traffic – 3 Traffic Generators That Rake In Affiliate Profits Automatically

Generating a passive income without “selling” anything? Can it be true? Yes, people are doing exactly that using the power of the Internet to market their businesses.

The secret to passive income without “selling” anything is by using automated traffic sources. Here are 3 of the best:

1. Pay Per Click Marketing

Promoting pre-sell blogs/pages or even directly linking to your affiliate link are still very profitable methods to make money online. Using pay per click marketing to fuel your affiliate marketing system is a fast, instant and targeted way to get massive traffic to your affiliate links. The key is in doing a thorough keyword research to find those keywords with little competition, but lots of search activity.

2. Organic Search Engine Traffic

Organic search engine traffic is some of the best traffic you can get. If you acquire a good ranking for a highly searched keyword, your website could be there for years, bringing you massive traffic, for no price at all! It takes time initially to get your affiliate pages and blogs ranked well, but when they do, that’s when it’s time to sit back and watch the payments come in!

3. Automated Article Marketing

Article marketing is often seen as a grueling marketing activity by many of us. However, you can automate the whole process by hiring a freelance writer to write articles and submit them to the top article directories using a pen name! This completely makes the article marketing process totally hands-off, making affiliate sales on autopilot for you.

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