Pay Per Advertising (PPC) – How it Works and Importance of Keywords

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a web marketing strategy that involves two-three liner ads created using keywords and phrases. Google AdWords is one of the main players involved in PPC advertising. PCC ads are very popular because most of the major search engines entertain such ads. Websites that are involved in selling products also run these ads.

The best way to understand what is PPC advertising is to go to a search engine like Google and type a keyword that you want to search. A search page will open, wherein you will notice certain links on its right side, with two or three links highlighted at the top of the web page. You will also notice some descriptive small-length lines below each link. These sponsored links are PPC ads that take you to the advertisers’ products.

Three players are involved in PPC advertising. One player is the host website that carries the ad, surfers visiting the host website, and the advertiser that puts up its ad on the host website.

How it works is very interesting. When a surfer search for a keyword, the search result web page displays the ad that has the keywords that the surfer is searching for. A certain amount of money is agreed upon between the host website and the advertiser for each click. The advertiser does not pay the host website for just displaying its ad. The advertiser only pays when the surfers clicks on the ad. That is why it is simply called pay per click or PPC advertising.

The success of PPC advertising depends upon how its wording. If proper wording is not chosen by you, the audience may not be able to select it or would like to read it. For this, you need to use catchy, alluring and attractive keywords.

To determine a keyword or keywords that will suit you most, you need to identify your niche customers. If you want to target teenagers, then hard-hitting aggressive keywords are needed. Once you are to able to nurture a specific customer base, finding the keywords that will give you more traffic becomes easier.

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