ABC On Getting Your Wisconsin Site To Score High – Part 1

As most webmasters from Wisconsin, you probably also dream about having your own Wisconsin top ranked site.

But what are the secrets behind a site that ranks high in the search engines?

Nobody can give an easy answer to this question and since search engine algorithms change over time there is no fixed answer to the question.

However though, most webmasters agree that the following three “search engine optimization secrets” are key to get a Wisconsin top ranked site:

1. Add many pages to your site.

The search engines love valuable and useful content. The more the better as long as the content is highly related to your niche about Wisconsin.

Stay on track all the time!

2. Add as many incoming one way links to your site as possible.

All things being equal, the top search engines rank the site with the most backlinks on top of the search engine ranking.

One good way to increase the number of incoming links to your site is to submit your Wisconsin articles to article directories.

Another things you should do is to submit your site to Wisconsin related niche directories.

3. When adding your link to other sites, always use a keyword rich text link.

All search engines like text links, Google in particular. Why not aim for the big one when creating your Wisconsin top ranked site?

One more thing about search engine optimization you should keep in mind is that the engines like sites that grow naturally. You don’t have to rush it, just keep building new pages and add new links every now and then.

Your ranking is also likely to vary differently over time, but even in these down periods visitor will return to your site via bookmarks if your content is good enough.

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