Death Knell of PPC

Does PPC deliver value for money?

Does PPC deliver customers?

How do you control your PPC campaign?

If you have used PPC as part of your on-line marketing campaign, how did you fair. Many organisation spend a small fortune, get hundreds of clicks and little business: WHY?

Think about it for a moment. You agree to pay $1 per click for keywords, you create an interesting ad and people click on it.

Statistically 80% of people on-line are just looking for information and not purchasing. You just intrigued them and they clicked. $1 from you. Most organisations have a daily budget and ruthless competitors know that.

Clicks do not deliver business. Interested, motivated customers deliver business.

If you have a long term aim to succeed on-line, build your own lists of interested, potential customers.


The new system of customer data acquisition asks you to pay your $1 when you have captured your potential customers details and permission to re-market into them (Opt in).

The incentive you offer to your potential client is the opportunity to win prizes via an ‘instant win’ promotion and loyalty program. The services are fully managed and you only pay for each ‘opt in’ name.

Professionally managed systems will deliver more on-line traffic or more retail ‘footfall’ (if users are required to collect prizes)

Loyalty is increased as you offer customers more opportunities to win.

In the USA and soon in the UK, clients can offer a $1million first prize, together with loyalty offerings.

Maybe PPC is exposed as the ‘Emperor New Clothes’

Build your own user lists, through your own site, by offering information, fun and offering exciting rewards to users. Use the three core elements EXCITE, INFORM and EDUCATE, to bring the user back and make dealing with you an engaging experience.

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