On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO

Many people argue whether they should focus on on page or off page SEO. The truth is that both of them are important to rank high in search engines, however, they are more important in different phases of the SEO project. Below, the authors would explain the difference between these two methods and provide readers with tips on how to make on page SEO and off page one work together.

The Difference between On Page and Off Page SEO

Even webmasters often mix up on site and off site search engine optimization. Everything that is done on the site itself, including keywords, plugins, widgets, posting and updates is considered to be on page SEO. Off page search engine optimization kicks in when webmasters would like to make their already completed site more popular on other sites. This includes link building, submissions and article marketing.

The Importance of On Page SEO

On page search engine optimization should start when the site is created. It involves keyword research for the content, providing robots with meta tags, title tags and a keyword rich description. There is also a need for creating and submitting a sitemap to search engines in order to get the pages indexed. Every content created on the site is also a part of on site SEO.

Settings and On Page SEO

When starting a site, it is important to do the keyword research and optimize the pages. Checking that the sitemap is correct on one’s Google webmaster account is also important. Checking the meta tags and descriptions alongside with the title is crucial when setting up the site. The post categories and tags need to be in line with the keywords to be targeted.

The Importance of Off Page SEO

Off page search engine optimization is a technique used to improve link popularity. The more pages link to the content on the site from outside the better its reputation will be and the higher it will rank in search engines. The quality of links is just as important as their number and a long term off page campaign should be designed to provide consistent results.

Off Page Strategies

There are a couple of easy and popular off page SEO strategies, such as article marketing, video marketing and press releases. These all involve creating content. However, some people simply use social media by creating keyword rich profiles and implementing sharing and sign up buttons in their sites. No matter which one someone uses; search engine optimization; off page and off page should be performed on a regular basis, not handled as an ad-hoc project.

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