Common SEO Terms You Should Know

Confused on what a lot of SEO terms actually mean?

I’m going to spill the beans on SEO terms that every citizen of the World Wide Web should know.

1. Google PageRank – This is a rank that Google gives you to determine how important your page is. You can get a rank of 0 to 10

2. SERP – Stands for Search Engine Results Page. These are the results that contain web sites after the user as entered a keyword.

3. Keywords – These are the words that internet users use to find product, services and information through the search engines.

4. Keyword Density – The percentage of how many times a keyword shows up on a particular webpage or article.

5. Backlinks – These are links pointing to one site from another. If you click on a link from yahoo news to your site that is considered a backlink.

6. PBJ – Stands for Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich. A tasty snack while you build backlinks.

7. Anchor Text – This is the actual text that shows when you click on a link.

8. Spider – Think of it as Google and other SEs advanced software tools that scour the web looking for websites and webpage’s to include in their search engine.

9. Blog – short for “web log”, it’s origins come from keeping an online journal.

10. Alt Tag – This is the text you add within your HTML code that gives an image a title just in case the image doesn’t show.

Well there you have it! Hopefully you learned a term or two.

SEO may sound difficult but with the right training and techniques you could become a PRO in no time!

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