Are Your PPC Ads Converting?

To convert you need to understand the basic of choosing your keywords for your ads and crafting your landing page.

The more specific is your keywords in your PPC ads, the more targeted it is because you will not be competing against a broad term where millions webpage will be using the same word, for example, the word “fashion”. To cut off the competition use long tail keywords phrase like “teens fashion boots” instead if that is what you are promoting.

Make sure that your ads are designed to target for your landing page. In other words, your keywords in your landing page are the same ones as that of your ads. So, like in the above example, your landing page must contain the keyword phrase “teens fashion boots”.

The reason why people click on the PPC ads was because of certain keywords that have attracted them towards the ads. Perhaps they saw something very familiar to what they have in mind when they first started out searching for something?

How to have a successful PPC campaign? First, you find a product you will be promoting for a sale or to generate a lead. It is the same principle that applies to all marketing campaign if you want to make a sale or a lead out of it.

Then you have your lending page to generate leads or sell. If it has only feature and less benefit, you will have lower conversion rate if you cannot provide to your visitors the expectations of your products and services.

Do not make your landing page too complicated or confusing or they will never be able to navigate your site to find your purchase button or even your opt-in box among your voluminous page of text.

The next time if your PPC ads are not converting, you have to re-look at your whole PPC campaign again:

1) What product or service you are promoting?

2) Is your landing page good enough?

3) Do you understand what you are promoting?

4) Can you differentiate between the benefits from the features of your product?

5) Do you know what people are searching in their keywords to get to your site?

To create your landing page is actually very simple. Now if you can figure out the features and benefits of your product or service you can easily make out what your prospect will be typing in.

For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product and if you want to stand out among your competitors you would include keyword phrase like “weight loss without exercising” if really that is your product’s benefits-you can still lose weight without exercising!

Your unique selling prepositions that what separates you from all your competitors of the same niche.

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