Marketing With Google AdWords

The internet revolution is THE single biggest revolution to have happened to us. And because the internet has become such an important factor in our lives today, people need to use it to their advantage (read: financial advantage) – hence, the internet is largely and correctly perceived as a money making environment.

Google AdWords

People are doing everything from marketing with blogs to online promotion of local business. Google AdWords is a tool that seeks to tap the hidden potential of the internet world and provide you with ‘words’ or ‘keywords’ that is perceived as a potential revenue earner by the tool’s algorithm software.

One great advantage of the same is that you do not need to go through the traditional ‘search-based’ marketing; instead it relies more on content networks and networking. That effectively translates to more precise and known ways of revenue earning rather than using ‘trial and error’ methods for the same.

This online tool has seriously far reaching consequences. For example, those who use the internet as a resource tool (including the researchers); they are likely to read more – that is where the concept of content networks comes into play. ROIs or Return on investments are higher than simple PPC marketing.

How it Works

Google AdWords works in a way that basically seeks to distract the user/reader from the page to a section (on the same page) which has your advertisement. Thus Google AdWords work on keyword relevance and density in the article resource. The better and the more relevant the result article is to the search keyword, the better are the chances for the advertisement to be put up on the same website/page.

One ‘cool’ trick that you can employ is that you can create a site (that you perceive would be popular – say on health food) and then detail it accordingly. After that, you can use the Google AdWords program to advertise your business on your site only! The advantage of the same is quite clear – shooting two birds with one arrow!

To influence the SERPs, you need to have a website that is niche as well as detailed so much so that your website comes near the top of the SERP. That straightaway means more thrust on marketing with internet tools and most importantly innovative tools like Google AdWords! The advantage of using such marketing tools is – you have a multi-pronged approach to internet based marketing and that includes everything from website optimization to intelligently playing with advertisements on websites, including generating some revenue from PPCs!

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