Link Building Resources – Where You Can Receive High Quality Links

There are a wide variety of link building methods, and some will work in a given market better than others. Here is a list of ways you can increase the number of quality of links to your site.

Reciprocal Linking.

While it may not pack as much SEO punch as other methods listed, trading links with related websites can be a great way to increase your total number of links. In addition, you’ll also gain more traffic from those related sites, which in turn increases your revenue. A few membership only sites include Link Metro, Links-Pal and 123ExchangeLinks. You can always personally contact related websites, though this time consuming.

Conducting Interviews.

By offering an interview to a third party website, you are helping them create new content while building your position as an authority. The backlink to your site is the icing on the cake.

Web Directories.

Directories have grown in popularity in recent years, and while they still have potent SEO power, you must remain focused on your efforts.

There are three main types of directories: free, paid and reciprocal. While free sounds good, many of them take weeks (sometimes months) to include your site. However, some free directories – such as DMOZ- carry high Page Rank and will certainly provide SEO power to your site. The main web directories are DMOZ, Yahoo!, BOTW and the Librarian’s Internet Index.

Participate in Forums.

Visit Big-Boards and type in a few keywords relative to your market. It will provide with a listing of the top online forums in your market. These are ideal places to build your reputation while increasing your backlinks.

Article Directories

If you can write well, you can earn thousands of backlinks by leveraging article directories. Write an article about a specific issue in your market and post it on a number of article directories; when publishers put your article on their sites, they will include your bio box which contains a link back to your site). The main article directories are ArticlesFactory, ArticleDashboard, EzineArticles and GoArticles.

Press Releases

Similar to article directories, you can submit a press release to an online PR agency in the hopes someone will republish your release. If you’re lucky, your release could wind up on a major news site, providing a huge lift in your search rankings. The two main online PR firms are BusinessWire and PrNewsWire.

These are the tried and true methods of gaining backlinks to your website, though there are countless others (Squidoo, Blogs, Social Bookmarking). Focus on a few at a time and your backlinks will begin to take hold.

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