Marketing Resell Rights Products – 2 Tips For Success

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Selling resell rights products online can be an exciting thing. You can get set up immediately and start getting sales right away (if you know what you’re doing). Truth be told, successful resell rights sellers know what it takes to make their product a success in their business – but do you?

In today’s lesson, I want to go over a few simple steps for having success with selling resell rights products online. Only about 5% of the people selling these kinds of products online are having success. Now it’s time to put YOU into that category also. Here’s the first tip for selling them successfully:

1) Look at what your competitors are doing

Here’s something your probably already know. There are other people online selling the same resell rights products that you are. So that means that they’re either selling them successfully, or they aren’t making any money. No matter the case, you will want to focus on the way that both groups of people are marketing their product.

Some people like to modify the sales page. Some people add more to the sales page, some people delete things from the sales page, and some people even come up with their own website copy. All of these things can be beneficial to the campaign – but it depends on if you are doing it right.

Your competitors who are successful know what they are doing. They probably have that product on the affiliate networks under their website address – so they get all the traffic from it. And they more than likely have created marketing materials for their affiliates to use to promote their resell rights product. You have to get active like these guys. Here’s another tip for selling resell rights products online:

2) You need TRAFFIC

Yes, the elusive and difficult to get “website traffic”. Depending on your niche and what kind of resell rights product you’re selling though, this can be an easy thing. One of my favorite ways to get traffic to my website immediately is with pay per click advertising (PPC). If you operate in a super small niche without lots of competition, then this can be a gold mine for you.

Traffic is easy. There are so many ways to get traffic for your resell rights product. Let’s take a look at some of the option:

– Video marketing

– eBook marketing

– Article marketing

– Forum marketing

– Paid advertising

– Blogging

– Classified advertising


– RSS feeds

– Joint ventures

– Affiliate marketing

– And countless others…

Traffic shouldn’t be a major concern for you. If you feel that a particular marketing strategy isn’t working well for you, well then… advertising. Run a paid ad on a site in your niche, and get traffic that way. There’s nothing wrong or fearful about paid advertising. In fact, I think it’s a necessity!

Buying the rights to a product and marketing can be a very wise thing to do. I’ve created products and sold them successfully, but now I see that I could have started off with resell rights and could have taken a shortcut to success. It’s okay though, I’ve worked hard and it’s paying off. Now it’s your turn.

Good luck with selling your resell rights product.

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