Be in the "Know" With Website Marketing

301 Redirects:

As you create you website down the road you will want to make some changes, merge multiple websites, and possibly try several URLs. When doing that you will want to be familiar with 301 redirects. These will ensure that your clients/users can still find your site. The 301 denotes a permanent change in location for that particular website. Many companies will also purchase URLs that are similar spellings to their actual company name. For example the company URL may be but they may also register to generate more hits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Other than the actual development SEO is probably the most important element to a successful site. It correlates certain key words with your site making it easier for potential clients/customers to find you through various search engines. Multiple elements of a website can be optimized to be search engine friendly. Basically images, shopping carts, and other content can (if properly implemented) be produced to create maximum exposure for your specific site.

Pay Per Click:

One option for advertising is Pay Per Click (PPC). Generally the advertiser will have keywords associated with their site so that their add shows with certain searches. If someone searching the internet sees the ad and clicks on it then the advertiser will pay the agreed upon price. For example if I’m selling shoes I may want to set up PPC advertising with Google. So every time someone types in “shoes” my ad will appear. If that person clicks on my ad, which directs them to my site, then I will pay Google a certain amount for each click.

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