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Domain names and internet concept

The term affiliate marketing intrigued me for long. I did random researches and learned what affiliate marketing is all about. Even now I continue to learn affiliate marketing for learning here like any other learning is an unending process.

If you are a newbie wanting to learn affiliate marketing, you have come to the right place because I know it was next to impossible for me to learn from gurus. I am no guru. I simply got bogged down under their information over load.

But if you’re keen on learning affiliate marketing, the first thing I would ask you is to get your own website or blog. If you already have a website you might need to know what products could you promote there. If you already have your product/s you might need to know why you are not getting conversions. If you are getting conversions, you might as well skip this article for you have not come to the right place. Probably you want to know how you can enhance the rate of your conversion. This is an altogether different topic that I am willing to address later.

For now I wish to focus on the basics of affiliate marketing. No one should even think of affiliate marketing without a website. Your personal website is your real estate that pays you week after week provided your logistics are right.

Your website pays you in several ways. First off, you get commission for every product sold through your link. Next you get paid for advertisements displayed on your website for the clicks it gets. You get paid in several other ways.

I am not going in details on how to create your website and where might you get your products to promote from. For now, it is sufficient to know that you can easily make your free blog at word press. Similarly the best known place to get affiliate products to promote is the click bank. There are several other sources from where you might get your affiliate products.

Assuming your website as well as products to promote are ready, that is, you’ve got your hoplink from ClickBank, you have already taken the first step to affiliate marketing. In the next stage you might want people to come to your site, read the landing page and click on the hop link.

This is the toughest lesson in affiliate marketing cycle. This is also the stage when you learning curve improves far better provided you are determined to take your internet business to the next level. At this stage your learning will help you determine whether you might like to advertise your products or write articles on your products. The article directories that can really enhance the visibility of your site/s do not allow affiliate links or the promotional material. Yet you may write articles without promoting products or links to attract visitors to your site.

Yet you might realize some articles attract hundreds of visitors while the others languish. This is the real secret in affiliate marketing which is no secret at all. There are basically two things involved here – unique and original articles get ranked higher and the authority articles get ranked higher. The authority articles or websites are the ones that have lots of quality backlinks on hand and they adhere to goggle guidelines on SEO, keywords, keyword density etc. So getting a higher rank in Google is actually a combination of strategy and quality. This really is the focus of learning to be successful in affiliate marketing.

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