The DOs and DON’Ts of PPC Advertising

Have you been thinking about starting Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? Not sure where to begin?

I’m recommending to start with Google AdWords.

While it is difficult to talk about such a wide topic in a short time frame, there are some suggestions that we need to keep in mind.

The key points to look for about making ad copies are:

1. Research your key phrases well before hand

Use Google’s keyword tool to find highly searched key phrases. You can use broad match but Google’s algorithm may go too far, so it needs to be used carefully and monitored closely!

2. Consider using negative keywords

You need to completely focus on negative key phrases and decrease wasting impressions. This enhances your click through rate as you get the same quantity of clicks from less impressions.

3. Make your ad copy appropriate to the keywords

Your ad copy should be as similar to the key phrases as possible, and it should contain the primary keywords so that it bolds up when searched for, which increases the click through rate. You can include an irresistible offer or something more advantageous than your competitors offer.

It makes sense to make a few ad versions. Have at least 2 versions available. Your ad groups should be well designed.

While an ad group could take 2,000 key phrases, do not make one ad group compete with the other.

Each ad should go to a separate landing page for the best results.

Keywords, ad copy and landing page are the three factors in obtaining a good quality score. This only means that you will pay far less per click than someone with 2,000 keywords in one ad group if their ad points only to their home page.

4. Review, improve, substitute then do it again

Once the ad group has had some traffic, review the keywords.

If your phrase match keywords are getting traffic – it is a good sign.

Your goal should be to determine what extra words are before or after your phrase match. Also you can use Google Analytics to find out what terms people searched for.

Do not just keep ad groups running for several weeks without a change. Test different ads and keywords. You can use a Google conversion tool to test what landing pages performed best. Eventually you will develop your ads and improve the click through ratio.

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