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Internet Marketing Tips – A great way of building backlinks.

As well as having great on-page optimisation another very important part of increasing your online presence for key search terms is building quality back links to your site. Quality backlinks will not only attract visitors to your site via the page the backlinks have been posted, it will also increase your chances of having a high ranking on the search engine result pages(SERPS). In the search engines eyes, back links count as a vote, but not all votes are equal, so basically if your back link comes from a low authority site, it won’t give your search engine ranking as much of a boost than if it came from a high authority site. Here are a few things to remember when building back links

  • Make a video and upload it to YouTube! This will allow you to place a back link to your website from YouTube, a high authority website, to your website. If it fits in with the theme of your website, embed the video into your web page as this will also help optimise your site as it shows you have good quality content.
  • Write a Blog! Blogs are a great way to build links, and also a great way to share information with the world. If you have a special skill, or have a story to tell, then write about it!
  • Analyse your competitors! Go to and insert the command linkdomain:competitorswebsite, after that click search and then hit the tab that says inbound links and chose entire site from the drop down menu. If you competitors are ranking high on the SERP, chances are, that they have some good quality inbound links to their site, this command will give you a list of sites were maybe you could post a link to increase your website ranking.
  • Create some profiles! If you have a blog profile, forum profile or social media profiles, be sure to include a back link to your website, these links are usually high quality so it will help towards increasing your ranking on the SERP.
  • If the site allows you to insert anchor text, this is the text that is in place of the URL, for example Internet Marketing Glasgow points to the part of my website I want to optimize for the keyword ‘internet marketing Glasgow’. This helps me climb the Google ranking for the keywords ‘internet marketing glasgow’

Top Tips

  • Optimise each part of your site for different keywords. There’s no point focusing lots of keyword ideas to one page of your website.
  • A quick way to find out what specific part of your site would be easier to optimise for a specific keyword would be to go to and type keyword. The top link here will give the page of your site that Google sees as most relevant for that keyword.

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