How To Have A Higher Conversion Rate With Your Google AdWords PPC Advertisement Campaign?

You know that having Google AdWords PPC Advertisement Campaign would solve all your traffic and conversion problems. But why are you still not converting it into sales or leads?

Yes, you have done all the keywords analysing and you have come up with lots of keywords and phrase in your PPC advertisement that matches your product’s descriptions and identities. You have even ensures that keywords appears in the contents of your landing page as well.

But that is not enough though, you have to take a few more steps in order to make your landing page to convert more.

First, you have to talk about your product. Most internet marketers make the mistake when promoting their products or services by giving more of its “features” than the “benefits”. For example, if you are promoting a digital camera, your description of its features-“it has 6MB of storage” would not be as effective if you give “it can store 1,000 pictures” as its benefits. So which you think will give a better conversion rate?

The fact is you have to sell your benefits more than its features, because with benefits, it gives your customers a chance to visualize the joy of using your products, than a feature-like instructional manual book cannot.

Giving benefits excite your prospects and it really pulls them in to probe for more. Talk more about its benefits and you have a higher conversion rate.

Second, what attracts your prospects who click through your PPC advertisement when they arrive at your landing page is to see your headline. Is it unique and has a unique selling preposition or USP that describes what your products or services can offer at first glance? Nothing is more annoying to find a headline with no answers to be found in the body content of your landing page.

Brainstorm before you even start your Google AdWords PPC Advertisement Campaign. Create a good landing page with a headline that pulls in your prospects to read the rest of the contents.

Give benefits more than its features and you will enjoy a higher conversion rate.

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