PPC Advertising – Rules For Writing a Great AdWords Ad

When creating an ad in Google AdWords, remember that your advert is nothing to do with you, or your company.  Your advert needs to match what your visitor has searched for, and entice him or her to click on the advert to find out more.

So here’s what you need to consider when creating an advert:

Make your headline match what the visitor has searched for

Your heading will stand out in bold in Google if your heading matches what they have searched for.  Therefore make sure your heading matches as closely as possible.

Don’t include your company name

Your advert should not include your company name, as remember it’s all about your visitor, not you!

Try Including Figures

It’s a good idea to include figures if possible.  So for example, if you offer 24 hour delivery, include this in the body of the advert in the second or third line.  Try including prices, particularly if your pricing is competitive.  However never include a telephone number, as your visitor will NOT call from the advert, you will have just wasted precious space.

Try asking a question

Try to match the question in your visitor’s  mind as they are searching Google.  This will definitely result in a higher Click Through Rate!

Do you offer anything for Free?

Free is a very powerful word in Google adverts.  Tell your visitor of a free quotation, free audit, free delivery, whatever is part of your service.

Don’t forget the destination URL

Your destination URL is often underutilised.  Make sure you make the  most of it by capitalising the start of each word and also including a subdomain if possible e.g. AdWordsTrainer.HelpWithPPC.com where the website is www.helpwithppc.com and the subdomain is AdWords Trainer.

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