Basics of Google PageRank – PR

Domain names and internet concept

A person is able to search accurately for information from a number of websites during his search because of Google Page Rank algorithm. This is also commonly known as Page Rank or PR by webmasters and SEO specialists.

A Page Rank is a ranking system for websites that uses 0 as the lowest and 10 as the highest placement. A number of factors are taken into account when it comes to this ranking system. Among these are the length of time a website has been active, the sites that have backlinks to it, and its content. The presence of two-way links or one-way links and sometimes even three-way links is crucial in determining a website’s ranking. This is because these will show the popularity of a site. A website’s page rank is generally updated every quarter of the year. This can either go up or down. There are also times when a site’s ranking will remain static for a whole year.

Get your website a high PR (Page Rank)

When it comes to online business, getting a high page rank is very important. This is because this will show your site’s popularity. However, if you do not have the proper content in your site, then a high page rank might just be a dream for you. It is best if you will have web content with the proper keywords that would draw search engines to your site. The more fresh and creative and keyword-strategic your web content is, the more chances you have on getting a higher page rank.

Work on getting backlinks

Another thing that you can do to increase your page rank is to heighten the backlinks to your site. You will get a better Google Page Rank if you will have a number of sites referring back to your website. If there are a lot of sites referring to your website, this means a lot in terms of your credibility, which is also a determining factor for a page rank. While getting a great number of sites referring back to your website works better at heightening your page rank, having websites that rank higher than yours doing the referral is best.

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