PPC Publishing – What’s the Point?

If you’ve ever shelled out thousands of dollars on a banner ad leading to your site and have seen precious little return on the investment, you already know the answer to the question above.

You know that donation jar at your favorite corner store labeled with some enticing reason to donate your money? Think of PPC Publishing as your site’s very own donation jar. Only, your jar is labeled with strategically chosen keywords and a search engine is offering your product up only to those already somewhat inclined to choose your wares. Of course, the penny jar metaphor is somewhat flawed considering that you’re paying the pennies to a search engine with every click to your site. Still it’s only flawed to the point where you consider the potentially monstrous profit you could enjoy once the visitors its draws are on your turf.

There is one main key to PPC Publishing — the keywords. If you’re a big house with little competition, picking keywords is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you’re late to the party, have a tremendous amount of competition and are a small operation, pay-per-click publishing is a bit more daunting – but it’s not worth counting out of your marketing plan. Expectations will need to be managed of course, and you’ll serve yourself no purpose by picking the most painfully obvious keywords. Still, if you play your cards right and do a fair amount of market research to unearth those underutilized keywords, you could enjoy a fair piece of the business your competitors (both large and small) might be overlooking. What’s more, picking those less popular keywords will cost you a lot less per click. At the end of the day, whatever your reasons, budget or strategy, pay-per-click is the best choice many have to ensuring high traffic, high profits and unique visitors.

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