Internet Marketing – What Are Organic Keywords?

Internet marketers use SEO, article marketing, pay-per-click, linking, advertising and other ways to send traffic to their website. Organic keywords are keywords or keyword phrases that bring traffic to your website when an Internet search is made. They are free keywords, words you are not paying Google, MSN or Yahoo to deliver seekers to your paid ad.

When you make a search on the Internet, your search results will often be topped with two or three paid ads. There will be ads along the side of your search listings too, perhaps below your listings.

There is a trend for searchers to ignore free ads. Those sites optimizing an organic keyword or phrase are just as likely to get clicked as a paid ad. This was not true not too long ago but it is now as searchers become more persnickety.

To find organic keywords you should use a keyword tool. The Google AdWords keyword tool external is used by about every person I know who promotes on the Internet. Just make a search for keyword tool external and it will pop up. When you are there, enter the requested code, and then put a keyword in the search box. Leave the site URL box empty unless you want to search a particular website for the keyword.

Now go to the right top of the listing page and click on About this data?” Now click on the headings and read the descriptions of the information given. That is all there is to it. And, like organic keywords, there is no charge for this wonderful program.

There are many keyword tools. Many just tie into the Google external tool. has a excellent tool. You can take a free trial if you desire. Also, there are many helps at Wordtracker valuable to Internet marketers.

In using organic keywords or keyword phrases in your articles, either articles like this one or in the articles on your web pages, use the keyword or keyword phrase in the title, the first and last paragraph, and very moderately in between. Once in a hundred words is about right.

Using relevant keywords to the content in your web pages and in your articles will bring them to the top in the search engine ratings. But content is everything. When a searchers is looking for “how to grow flowers in a window flower box,” your article or site must tell him or her “how to grow flowers in a window flower box.” If it does not, the search engine will put you on page 17 and you will get corresponding traffic which is none at all!

Fly Old Glory!

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