Backlinks – What Are They?

If you are beginning the strategy of article marketing, then you will want to read this article to get a clear answer to the question, “What are backlinks?” You may already have heard the term, and know that they are somehow valuable.

What exactly are backlinks? They will appear as differently colored clickable links in documents you publish on the internet, for your readers to click to take them to a page on your website. In this article you will learn where to put them, how to put them there, and why they help you.

Where you put these links is at the end of the articles you submit to online article directories. Using mass submission for your articles accomplishes backlinking fast. Most directories accept 2 active hyperlinks in a closing signature, which is posted separately at the conclusion of your article, in what is called a signature box. At the bottom of the box where you paste your article into the article directory, there will be a blank for you to paste your signature. When your article is published, the links in your signature are published too and become backlinks to your site.

How you put these backlinks into your article is a simple process of writing a well constructed call-to-action of 2 links in two sentences. Use your article keywords in these links. Here is a common and proven successful format. The first link is an “anchor text” link – a 2 to 3 word phrase using the main keywords from your article, say on how to housebreak your puppy, and it links to another related article on your site. The second link is the actual link to your website. Your signature could look something like this.

For more on how to housebreak your puppy, get advice from an expert. Click here to visit mydomainonpuppytraining dot com.

The words housebreak your puppy would be colored anchor text linking to another article on puppy training at your site.

The second link would be in the familiar http:// form. There are free sites with easy to use link creation tools, and most blog post editors have link creation buttons that will show you how to create live links in both forms. Some authors like to use two links of anchor text rather than the second one being in the URL form.

Why do you benefit from backlinks? When Google crawls the article directories it picks up these multiple links pointing back to your site. Good articles are often be republished by readers with your backlinks, adding more instances of pathways to your site for the Google spiderbots. Google then sees your site as one with good traffic. All these pathways increase your website’s authority with Google, helping your page to appear closer to the top of search engine results for your keywords.

When you mass submit articles with well written signatures to multiple article directories, you build connections across the net which Google and other search engines read as traffic. The higher your traffic, the higher your Google ranking. Providing backlinks on multiple sites establishes your site’s presence well on the net. And, when you publish on high ranking directories, some of their authority is associated with your site. Now that you have read this article, you better understand where to place backlinks, how to create them, and why they help you get traffic to your website, the main purpose of article marketing.

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