All About Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is not very difficult to understand. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing provide listings on a per-bid basis. This is in addition to their natural search results, which are powered by a combination of keywords and other formulas that are closely guarded by them. This type of advertising is sold by auction. You have to bid for what you pay per click to the website that has your ad, and the visitors from that website click on the link and land on your website.

Advertisers who want to generate more traffic on their websites can invest quite heavily in bidding for key phrases. This is known as ego based bidding and people who want their website to be ranked as number one can end up investing heavily in PPC. The resulting traffic may look very good in a report, but the quality of traffic coming to your site can be quite poor and you have to pay for the traffic, but it may not be generating the type of sales you expected.

Pay per click advertising can start generating traffic right from the moment it is placed on the search engines ads. If you have selected a clever key phrase that is relevant to your business and you have placed a well-written advertisement, the traffic will start flowing. PPC is quick and you can easily adjust the advertisement to get quick results. It’s not like other types of advertising that may take months to launch a campaign.

Pay per click is a good and easy form of advertising, but you should not rely solely on it to get traffic for your website. It is suitable for online businesses that sell products or services that can be purchased by visitors when they land on your website. PPC is also suitable for creating a buzz if you are launching a new product or service. You can often buy niche phrases for a bargain if they are not generic.

You must focus on converting the pay per click traffic into sales. There is no point in paying for this service and getting traffic that does not convert into sales on your website. You must concentrate on the conversion rate and not the number of clicks. In other words, you must focus on converting the maximum clicks into sales. If you don’t, you might end up paying more for the clicks than the profit you are making from them. Therefore, you need to analyze your campaign quite thoroughly. If it is not paying, you might as well stop it and focus on making your website better.

A lot of web marketers focus their advertisements on broad search terms like ‘dresses’, ‘bikes’, etc. There is a very strong temptation to bid for these words, but it has a huge disadvantage too. The cost per click will be high and the conversion rate will be very less. Therefore, you must focus on finding words that are relevant to your specific business. The short description that you write must be of top quality; never underestimate its importance. This is what the potential customers will read before clicking on your link and coming to your website. Be very careful in setting up your PPC campaign.

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