Google SEO Keywords Research To Find Lucrative Market Niches

With the ever growing number of websites on the internet, the potential of doing business on the internet has increased tremendously; and so has the competition. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) firms have developed a number of techniques to help improve websites’ rankings. SEO firms use a variety of tools to improve websites’ page rankings, and keyword research is one of the most important tools used in this. Google has provided a set of tools that are used by internet marketers and SEO firms to improve websites’ rankings. Google AdWords is the keyword research tool that is used to determine the best keywords or phrases to use to SEO a website.

Google AdWords is a free tool that anyone can use; but using it properly in order to determine the best keywords to use to better a website’s ranking is an art. What is important to remember is that Google AdWords is based on AdWords and PPC traffic and not organic searches. The best way to start out on keyword research is by preparing a list of keywords and phrases that best suit the organization. Then enter the keywords in Google.

Google has introduced a new feature of suggested words. When you enter your keywords, you get an idea from the suggested keywords about the common keywords used by people for searching. This helps in understanding how people conduct searches. Enter your keywords in Google AdWords and see the traffic on them. This gives you a fair idea of the keywords to target. Do not pick all the most popular ones, as you want to create a market niche and not compete against the world.

For example, if you sell cigars in London, you do not want to get your site ranked with all the sellers of cigars worldwide. You want to target cigar buyers in London. Therefore, you should check the keywords ‘cigars London’ in AdWords. Google AdWords also displays supplementary keywords, which are quite useful. Do not target only the most popular keywords to use, target using some of the less popular ones as well. The reason for this is that people who search for less popular keywords are serious buyers and are searching for something specific in a particular area and are not conducting a generic search.

Google Analytics is another very good tool to measure the performance of a website. Once you know what the traffic is to your website, you are better positioned to make decisions on how to use keywords effectively to better the ranking of your website.

When you SEO a website, what you must know is how do people conduct searches on the internet. This is where Google Suggested Words, AdWords and Analytics can help you. Once you know the popular keywords that suit your market niche, you can use them to improve your website. Google can tell you what the popular keywords are, but you have to know how to use them effectively in a website.

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