How to Get Free Backlinks For Your Site

How to get free back links is a topic that has to be understood from ones knowledge of the internet. The internet is a evolving magnet that draws and creates both opportunities and marketing strategies. What we must understand about the internet, it is home to the greatest free marketing platforms ever establish. If we are to take full advantage of opportunities and marketing strategies, we must first comprehend how the system functions. In this article however I will give some insights into how to get free back links. First what are considered back links and some unique ways into sourcing traffic, to your website from what is known as search engines.

Many of us don’t know where to start to find free traffic to our sites. Firstly generating traffic to your site is not rocket science, frankly speaking it is e-a-s-y, some people get it right away! But the other side of the story is applying the basics. Here the fact of the matter, the search engines are where 98% of all your traffic will come from, so the skill you need to achieve is to get on the very good side of the search engines. The attitude you must adopt is acknowledging the search engines as a business, and like any business it carries a product.

Whats the product? Web content. The site you are going to put out on the web must be well written, providing help and valuable information to the seeker. If by chance your content were written by you excellently or have been outsource to a ghostwriter, chances are you would of nailed most of the search engines checkpoints. The search engines have a program called a robot (spider) that scans every page on the web searching for specific things. There are two things the spider (robot) is looking for, some may be found on your site/page and others on other people’s sites. You will need to set up your page simple, some of the notable criteria are: must load quickly, produce headers, and must be relevant to the title and headings. This however is the easy part of it.

When dealing with the off page optimization this is when it gets a little tricky, although the requirements are rather simple. This is how to get free back links through the off page optimization. A back link is simply getting a link back to your site from another site/sites. A back link has authority base on the value of the site it came from. This is calculated by using a process of rules (algorithm) this is a term you should get acquainted with, for example if the site you received the back link has a ton of traffic that goes to it, and possesses a high page rank (PR) in Google, you could rest assured the back links are valuable. These are some of the ways how to get free back links.


Here is a popular way to get free back links, keep in mind that it can be very tedious, reason being the links that come from some of the blogs and forums can be useless. There is a method to search blogs when you want to post a comment, observe all back links to have DoFollow attribute, this simply means these blogs are dofollow and have the rel=”nofollow” attribute removed so you can improve your search engine rankings for particular keywords, receive targeted traffic to your site, increase Your Online Income from Product Sales, AdSense & Affiliate.


This is a excellent way how to get free back links and targeted traffic to your site, however there are hundreds of social bookmarking websites out there, and having to place a link on everyone of them can be proven weighty, although there are free and paid software you can acquire to cut down on some of the time. Keep in mind there are other methods how to get free back links, which we will discuss in a little more detail for eg: link exchange, directory submission etc…, you can use all these techniques to build a stable back link portfolio.


Here is the most simple method of them all. Locate a list of article directories that has very high page rank, and forward a unique article on your topic. Then include your link for your website in the text or there usually be a resource box. This will create a free incoming link to your site.


This is one method that you need to be careful with, because of it being free there are many manipulations that takes place, these types of links has severe risk attach to them, whereby getting penalized by the number one search engine big brother “GOOGLE”. They can observe the exchange that is in effect. What you are really doing is showing Google that you are trying to buy your position in the SERPS.

I would clearly stay away from this type of link swapping. Some words of advice, find a article directory with a high PR that will allow you to place your link in the resource box. This type of link is harmless to the search engines, also receiving a direct link from Google themselves.

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