What Are Backlinks and How to Get Backlinks?

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A backlink is an inbound or incoming link that goes to your website. This means that a link on another website directs back to yours. Backlinks are an important part of building website traffic for many reasons.

First, anyone who is on another website and sees the link to your website and is interested in your site will click and visit your webpage. If the site that contains your link has a lot of web traffic, then you should get a fair share of people coming from that webpage to your website or blog if what you have to offer is interesting to those people. Another reason why backlinks are important has to do with SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) When search engines index the internet to determine what pages rank high, one of the top factors in ranking websites is the amount and quality of backlinks that point to your website. In Google’s own words, a backlink is basically a vote for your website from another site. Backlinks are more powerful when the website that contains your website’s link has a high page rank. This means that the website that contains your link ranks well itself in the eyes of search engines.

Backlinks are also more powerful when the website that contains your link is related to what your site is about. If the website with your link has nothing to do with what your website is about, it still counts but barely at all. Backlinks come from many methods such as a good comment on a website or another webpage voluntarily adding a link to your webpage because they like your content/webpage and think your webpage gives value to the readers of their webpage. So in knowing all of this, a website that ranks high with page-rank and is related to the topic or topics that your website or blog is about, will give you a strong appeal or “vote” in the view of the search engines determining where to rank your website in the search engine rankings.

Backlinks will give you extra website traffic from people coming from those links but also help with more web traffic from search engines through SEO. The more backlinks that point to your website which are from related and high ranking websites, the better your own website will rank in the search engines and deliver more web traffic to your website or blog. You can also check how many backlinks your website has and from what websites the links are listed on by going to Google Webmaster Tools. Backlinks are important to the overall success of a webpage because of search engine ranking and affecting the amount of web traffic a website receives. Getting all of this will give your website better business or conversions.

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