External SEO Essentials – Critical For Long Term Online Success

SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization. Now I know many people who are scared of this term. I myself was scared of it when I started out in my Internet marketing business last year. Now I have attended seminars, and have spent a lot of time studying SEO to help my on-line business grow.

There are two types of SEO. Internal SEO that is On Page SEO and the other is External, Off Page SEO. Now internal is all about your niche research, keyword research, domain power and other such in site factors about your site that top up your search engine rankings.

Many people do the internal SEO part right, but don’t know about the external part of it. You can not have your blog to yourself, and not let it venture out there in the crowd. Because let us face the fact, with no crowd to your website, you make no sales.

So here are some important things you should consider doing for your External SEO:

Backlinks: these are one of the most important ways of SEO. A search engine loves quality backlinks and hates the bad ones. Good, fantastic and then there are the bad ones. Now you need to make sure that you get either the good or the fantastic ones. Backlinks are nothing but something like unbiased rating to your blog or website. You need them for your ranking in the search engines. After all SEO is done for you to achieve those 1st page rankings.

Link Spamming should be avoided: Getting backlinks does not mean link spamming. You should not use these auto bots that automatically flood backlinks to your website. This might give your website a boost initially, but in few weeks, your website will be entering Google’s sandbox. Now Google’s sandbox can be scary. This is a place from where your website might take weeks, months or even years to come out of. So sandbox can be avoided if you avoid Link Spamming.

Profile Linking: Have you ever seen a Facebook Page? A fan page or a general work page created in Facebook, has a link there linking the fans to the main homepage. Now Facebook is just one example. I do not want you to misunderstand me and start spamming Facebook creating hundreds of pages and getting profile backlinks. Profiles at the many Web2.0 sites helps your ranking in search engines the best. Profile links according to a research I did, work the best for ranking in Google.

Gov links: now if you have never come across gov links then let me give you an example of it http: //www .example.edu or http: //www. example.gov. Now these are links with high authority. Google loves to see these links and if you can manage to get one from any of them,.edu or.gov, your ranking will surely be double faster. This is because in Google’s ranking calculator, these gov links equal to 10 or even 20 normal links from blogs or forums.

Forums: If you are part of forums, you can probably get nice links from there. This does not mean you go out there and spam the forums. Forums are very strict with what sort of information is posted. As every website is competing for ranking, forums are forever competing too. So they love quality content. Be the one posting quality content and forum linking will automatically start taking shape and give your ranking a boost.

These were a External SEO essentials that you could probably use. I have done enough research on SEO to be giving out this information. SEO is not hard, but it has to be done right. There is a whole lot of uncertainty that is involved with SEO. Can you imagine 187 factors upon which Google calculates your ranking? NO! It is probably too scary to read here. But it is not so hard, if we do the important things the right way.

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