Google AdWords PPC Users Beware New Rules

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Google is the largest and arguably the most influential of all the search engines, with more users, it can generate the most traffic to your web site. However in the last few months Google has started to shift its policies, or should I say, started to enforce them with greater vigour.

Google has built up its reputation on being ‘content rich’ because most people surf the internet to find answers to questions, products and general information. They have tried to weed out the scammers and spammers to help with their content rich theme, so it has always been a battle of wits between them and internet marketers, who are basically trying to sell their products.

This is where from now on internet marketers need to take note.

For all those that are using Google AdWords to advertise their web sites you may need to rethink the look and feel of your site.

Many top internet marketers are having their AdWords accounts either suspended or withdrawn permanently – I am not talking people who spend thousands per month with AdWords I am talking hundreds of thousands per month.

Why? Well basically Google has taken a major dislike to opt in pages in particular, but also landing pages in general, especially when they are giving something away free in exchange for an e mail address, they are re-categorising a lot of the sites as ‘Data Collection Sites’ and treating them in a whole new way.

The problem is that over the years all the marketers who have been teaching everybody how to set up web sites, have been championing the opt in page, and with good reason, it provides an excellent sales base on which to launch any new product, however Google sees this in a totally different way and does not feel it is a good user experience for their customers.

Other things Google are looking at is whether or not it is easy to navigate away from the landing page, whether there are policies in force and links to those policies from the landing page.

In general it is trying to make it easier for us, as consumers, to enjoy our experience of surfing without being forced into signing up for anything, however it is making us, as marketers, re think our strategies on how to sell to people.

In conclusion there is a shift of power from the marketer to the consumer.

I must stress however that this only affects those using AdWords and not the natural ranking within any search result, but if they find it is successful will they then progress on to that? Who knows, but it might be prudent to check over Google’s rules and make any changes sooner rather than later.

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