Importance of Backlinks in Google

Being a webmaster means having to stay afresh of the latest developments that search engines make so as to concur to the guidelines of how websites rank on their SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Today, Google happens to be the most powerful search engine in this regard, which works on an algorithmic function that webmasters have been trying to crack for ages. Fact of the matter is that the Google algorithm is quite a complex one and thus far webmasters have only been able to work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make their websites rank higher on the SERPs.

Optimization is a continuous and dedicated process of building high quality backlinks to the sites that webmasters want to promote. With the help of high quality backlinks coming from a plethora of sources, webmasters will be able to extract the best possible link juice for their domains which in turn will reflect upon the SERPs. Fact of the matter is that building backlinks through sources such as social bookmarking sites, directory submission portals, articles directories and much more contribute in an effective way that no webmaster would ever dream of. With the help of backlinks coming from reputed and high PR (Page Rank) sites, webmasters will be able to give their domains the results they have always desired.

With nearly 80% of internet users using Google as their primary search engine, there is no reason to question why webmasters are targeting to meet the guidelines instated by the world’s most premium search portal. If you are a webmaster and contemplating why and for what backlinks are important in the eyes of the Google search-bot, it would be about time that you carried out a little research on the same so as to familiarize yourself with the tips, tactics and methods that leading webmasters of the world are employing so as to dominate the search engine ranking placements.

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