There is an ongoing debate in the field of digital marketing on whether to go for pay per click website or ask for SEO based content. Many factors are there to consider this strange market trend. Some are afraid to change web designers while many others are just following mob.

Many people don’t opt for SEO based web designing in digital marketing because they themselves pay for Google AdWords and many have hired their friends and relative consultancies to work on their websites thus are afraid to let go of them. Instead of spending on pay per click, the same amount of money could be spent on the better development of their own web content to get better marketing results. For better working of SEO, he should be communicated properly about the demand of the web page by the company or search agency.

In Internet marketing sector, what one company is doing is considered equally good for its opponents, when in reality it is not the case. Following crowd should not be the right strategy for companies in the Internet marketing rather they should make their unique business model.

For any new comers, there are ways to make the one organic search agency in digital marketing. Many business and agencies fall for below mentioned rumors which created fear:

– For any organic search consultancy, Google AD Words don’t pose any serious threat. Thus no need to compromise the working of your own digital marketing company because of unknown threat of Google.

– Try to get hold of known and branded SEO to work on digital marketing, who could advise you on proper working of your website. Never trust every unknown SEO.

– Good SEO may charge high, but his suggestion would be equally competent. Thus it is common notion that professional SEO are expensive.

– SEO is thought of a difficult process but PPS is not considered easy too, so no need to panic while working with SEO.

– Initially SEO was thought of taking more time than PPC during Internet marketing search, but now with new and advanced features of Google consultancy, PPC is now taking more time as compared to organic search agencies.

On the other hand PPC is also beneficial in many ways for companies when:

– Starting new site

– Product near expiry or sudden cancellation scene

– Catering any specified digital marketing community

– Head on facing strong competitor

– Substitute for redoing shopping carts

– For difficult customers

– Other online links like MSN

Then when to use combination of SEO and PPC, rather developing full fledge SEO:

– Gaining know how of SEO

– When results are not specified

– Invest in areas which need attention

– Financial aspects

– Accurate search results

– Proper monitoring

These were just a few terms used in SEO and PPC.

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