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The biggest question for every internet marketer on the planet is still the one relating to what methods are best for building great backlinks and how do I get them for free. Well for many it is something that continues to baffle them and drives people around in a never ending circle of reading blog posts and being caught in the trap of paying for e-book products offering the holy grail of the first listing on page 1 of Google for their chosen keywords.

In my 6 years of experience from starting an internet business with a zero turnover and very little marketing knowledge i would have to agree that their is no fast track or easy methods, by easy I mean either their is no way to build your link popularity without putting in the mandatory couple of hours of work per day or having a big budget to outsource link building work to a third party company. However, that said it most certainly would have been easier for me to realise this work concept from the outset and not sit at my PC sifting through pages of others internet marketing blogs looking for the no work method or instant gratification of a totally free concept to getting all my web pages into the first pages of all the major search engines immediately.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hit upon some high value keywords with good traffic rewards and be able to get ranked highly in the search engines. So we have established that some work will be required and there is no easy fix to getting good rankings so to achieve the required results you will first need to do some good keyword research and this is easily done with free internet tools such as the Free Google Keyword Tool or the free version of the Wordtracker keyword tool. Try to hit upon 100 good keywords that are not too highly competitive and give good Cost Per Click rewards and also will bring a reasonable amount of search traffic to your website and also remember you do not have to rank at position 1 for a good keyword when you can still get great traffic for being on the first page of Google or Yahoo.

Now for the Free Website Submission and building good but free back links – well this is done simply by having those good keywords, which I like to call green keywords, and firing up something like Windows Live Writer which is a free tool by Microsoft and start to write maybe a handful of good quality unique articles. The unique content articles should be targeting the green keywords in the title, a few times in the body of the article and in the call to action in the end paragraph of your articles.

Article Marketing is the leading method of building high quality backlinks for your blogs or sites and although it requires a little effort and time it is something that every person who is serious about making a success online and building a sustainable income should be using. I always think that if you can put in 2 hours a day of link building effort then in 3 months time you should be achieving page 1 results in the search engines and that income will far out way anything you can forecast even 3 years from now. So article marketing works and it’s results are more than worth every minute of your time writing and submitting articles for effective back link success – my work ethic tells me that if you do not work at anything you will not see results.

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