SEO 101 For Beginners

This tutorial can help you a lot on how to optimize your website for the search engines. If your website is not ranking high in search engine and you want to make a quick change on it then this tutorial is for you and will be very helpful.

SEO Tips and Guides

Target the Right Keywords

First thing to do is identify the keywords you have in mind that define what visitor will be looking for. You should always remember that single word keywords are more difficult than two or three keywords except when those keywords are more competitive. You have to use keyword-phrasing at least two or three words.

Web Design for the Keywords

To think the keyword, design of your code. What is this mean? This is also the algorithm.

Algorithm can be thought as a design of code. Title and Meta Tags should have keywords at the placement of the keywords in code.

Alt Tags

Image alt tags can be readable in search engines. Using image tags to your images can help your website rank in search engines. Use your keyword in image alt tags and repeat the title in the alt tags.

Text and Link

The most important of the search engine optimization (SEO) is the content or text. It is a good idea to make your sites all text with target keywords, readable in visitors. This helps in Google by adding links with the keywords. Do not overuse the keywords. It needs to be a balance the rest of text and the keywords in the content, it is known keyword density.


The title should contain the most important keyword, one or two others. It should have a unique title on all the pages. Always brand your site. Remember: The main keyword should never be first, you company name should be.

Meta Tags

Use a good keyword rich descriptive with the same keywords in your title tags. You can add the keywords if needed. Save the others for the interior pages to make your site rank as a “Category Site”. Remember: No more than 15 to 20 keywords in a Meta tag if you can help it. You can add them because everyone else will.

File Structure

Save the keywords in your file structure. When you create a new file, make sure the filename should be your target keyword of keyword for content. In other words the title of the HTML file should include the keyword you want to create or focus on. (ie: cebu_travel_tips.html, manila_hotels.html). Make sure to change all your links to that file. If you have images folder then make sure change to the right folder name with keyword.

Link Popularity

You must get links from other websites to yours. This is very difficult and extremely time consuming. You will want to be linked to from high ranking sites and sites that are about the same subject. You can see the websites who linked to your site by typing in search engine site.

Site Submission

Now its time to submit your website to hundreds of search engines so that they will know if your site is exist. Search Engines and Directory Submission that will add Link Popularity to your site.

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