Grab Top Search Engine Ranking Using High PR Backlinks

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The oldest theory that quality of backlinks outweighs quantity and is a critical element of top search engine ranking has been tested time and time again. In other words when your website has an abundance of very high PR backlinks, the higher your keyword phrases will rank in the search engines.

Quality of backlinks can best be explained by saying that having 10 backlinks which have very high page rank, between PR6-PR10 is worth more than 100 backlinks from sites with PR1-PR2. This has led to many people buying these high values from everywhere incurring the wrath of Google time and again.

Don’t Focus on Page Rank

Even today, there are still many people who place too much importance on page rank spending too much time and effort unnecessarily. The fact is that page rank helps only about twenty percent of the calculation in your top search engine ranking.

Don’t Fall For These Myths

1. Myth No. 1: You must have relevant links in the same niche as your website otherwise you may get penalized by Google.

Everybody who knows about link building and even SEO experts and Google will tell you it is good to get relevant links but non relevant links count too. This is especially so if they happen to be of very high Page Rank backlinks like PR6-PR10.

2. Myth No. 2: I must always vary my keywords since building too many such links will get me into trouble and penalized by Google.

You would have to have hundreds of thousands of similar kind of links or anchor text to really make Google take notice or suspect any abnormal link building taking place. It is a fallacy that you should not always use the same anchor text for link building. The best example to prove this is Adobe, which is number one for the phrase “click here”, because millions of other sites used this exact keyword as anchor text.

Start Getting High PR Backlinks

It may not be easy to secure backlinks from high PageRank websites but the rewards of top search engine ranking justify the hardship, time and effort in this worthwhile cause. Again don’t worry about relevancy of sites. Many SEO consultants advocate relevancy of site linking to you from the same niche. However the same SEO consultants also admit getting backlinks from high page rank but non-relevant websites still passes a great deal of link juice to your websites even if they are slightly devalued.

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