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PPC is an advertising system maintained by Google. If you use Google, you have probably seen the AdWords. They appear as little text ads next to search results on Google. They also appear in many other search engines. With Google AdWords you create your own ads. You choose keywords which tell Google where to show your ads. You only pay when someone clicks on them. You have total control over every aspect of your campaign. Real-time online reporting tells you what’s working. You can put limits on daily spending. Changes are free and instant. Presently, Google. com is the most popular search engine on the internet and boast of more than 200 million searches every single day!These searches are made by people all over the world seeking answers to their questions or people out rightly looking for products and services to buy. People that are ready to use their credit cards to buy from you are in all around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Africa, Asia or any ther part of the world, affiliate in certain country do not have any notable advantage over you!Since people go to Google. com to research their potential purchases, it serves as a good place to show them those product and services you are affiliated with.

The following are things you need when marketing online using PPc advert:

1. Access to the Internet. This is where your business is, you’ll be able to do you business everyday. Like offline business, you need to go to your office everyday and do business. So as online, with internet connection you will do your business everyday when connected.

2. A credit or debit card. This is for your AdWord campaign, you’ll pay Google for placing your ads on their site when your ads get clicks.

3. A means of receiving your commissions. You collect your commissions either by check, bank transfer or any other means the merchant you use is paying affiliates their commissions.

4. A few hours of work a day. You need to work everyday to see how your business is doing. If your AdWord campaign is getting clicks and making you money, good for your business but otherwise you have to redo it. You will need to keep track of your campaigns and make sure that you are making money and not losing it. Log in to your affiliate program, visit the statistics/reporting section and see how much commissions you have earned. Then log in to your Google AdWords account and see how much the corresponding campaign cost you the same day. Subtract your cost from your commissions and what so ever result you get is your profit.

In a nutshell, you write Google AdWords ads promoting a company’s product or service. In your Google AdWords ad is a link, and when your AdWords ad is clicked this link contains information about you and shows that the visitor came through you. When the user gets to the site you are promoting, your affiliate ID is registered automatically. Now when the customer buys something or fills out a form on the site, you are paid a commission. However, if the customer does not buy at the time, you do not need to worry as many merchant sites place small programs called “cookies” on the customers computer for as long as 180 days which is about 6 months. This means that if that customer comes back to the site on a later date and makes a purchase or registers for something, you still get your commission.

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