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The power of Google AdWords can not be missed as it is one of the largest advertising platforms. This powerhouse reaches over 80% of Internet users so you need to take advantage of it!

Briefly PPC works by you choosing keyword phrases that relate to the specific target market that you are selling to. When someone searches uses your keywords and then clicks on your ad, you pay for that click. The great part is that your return on investment average at 250%!


Let us start with the providers. Those top keyword search engines are Google Adwords, Baido, LookSmart, Microsoft adCenter. MIVA, Superpages.com and Yahoo! Search. AdWords is the top spot.

Types of Networks:

Content Network- These are information based sites that choose to display AdWords advertisements. These types include Google’s Gmail, About, Lycos, Infospace, and others.

Search Network- These are displayed on search engine result pages only. They include a broad network which includes Google, AOL, Earthlink, AT&T, Froggle, and Shopping.

Your Text Ad:

This advertisement consists of 25 characters followed by your description of 35 characters along with your URL. So make every word count!


These words are VERY IMPORTANT to you as they will determine who your targeted audience will be. One keyword will NOT work and choosing the wrong ones will turn out to be expensive. So choose your best keywords. Specify by using at least 3 words and in a phrase if possible or applicable. These keywords will determine search engine results! Now it is time to set up your match type.

Match Types:

Broad- This is the default setting and not the one that you want to choose to get the desired effect for your keywords as the searcher can enter those words in any order and your ad will be shown.

Phrase- This is a targeted approach as your words must appear in the exact order.

Exact Match- Your best choice is the exact match as the searcher must type in the keywords exactly. Then your advertisement will appear.

Negative Match- Here you can make a choice between words you wish your advertisement to not be shown during the search process.

Remember you are only paying for what can be success and a great Return On Investment!


Sandi Baker

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