Organic Search Engine Optimization for Top Search Rankings

Internet users tend to pay attention only to web pages appearing on the first page of search results, making top search rankings vital for business success. Google, in particular, displays two types of search results: organic and paid ads. While paid advertisements appearing under “sponsored links” occupy prime space, organic listings actually drive more traffic to their respective web pages. Organic listings are unpaid, and their position in the results pages is often the result of good organic search engine optimization.

How Google ranks websites

Search engines rely on automated programs or search robots and crawlers to go around the web in search of fresh content. Search bots are programmed to view specific parts of a web page, index and store data for retrieval during a search process. Organic SEO involves a good grasp of Google’s search criteria, some of which the search engine giant shares in its published website guidelines.

On-page factors

A web page’s design and contents hold important keys to search engine optimization or SEO. It must have:

  • clear hierarchy
  • fully functional text links that lead to a valid page
  • 2 sitemaps, one for search engine bots and another for human readers
  • sufficient keywords relevant to the page’s contents
  • high quality content

An SEO service will usually perform various tasks to optimize a web page including:

  • review of content and structure
  • advice on website adjustments such as hosting, redirects and error pages
  • content creation
  • management of online marketing campaigns
  • keyword research
  • SEO training for client’s personnel
  • expert advice on specific markets and locations

How to choose SEO services

There is no magic formula behind organic SEO; any SEO service that claims to have the ultimate solution for quick top rankings must be regarded with caution. SEO takes time to yield lasting results and only with the right SEO service. Look for one with:

  • extensive work experience
  • ethical SEO techniques
  • other Internet Marketing services such as Social Media Marketing which support organic search activities
  • tools for keyword research, site performance and analysis
  • clear plan showing expected output and performance timelines
  • accessible modes of communication between the service provider and the client

Website and online business owners should ensure that their prospective SEO service includes organic search engine optimization in its package and does not use unethical or ‘black hat’ SEO strategies. This could result in Google or other search engines downgrading search rankings of the offending links or worse, removing them from the index.

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