Automatic Backlink Software: How to Increase Link Popularity With Content on Your Site

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Web content is important for any business that wants to succeed online. A well optimized article that provides fresh information can drive traffic to your website and bring you quality backlinks from well established sites. While there are many different factors based on which search engines determine your rankings, having relevant links to your website is always a benefit. The effectiveness of your SEO strategy often depends on the value you provide during the link building process.

Top 10 Lists

Quality content can include unique articles, guest posts, eye catching images, and videos. If you provide your readers with compelling content, they will link back to your site and spread the word about your posts. One of the best ways to build links with quality content is to create top 10 lists. People love these lists and they usually pass the information on to their circle of friends. Do some brainstorming, find an engaging topic, and make a list for that topic.


Most users prefer images over text. Whether you get permission to use other people’s photographs or you create them yourself, look for quality pictures that are related to your topic. Create infographics and diagrams, or add suggestive images for your posts. Include relevant keywords in the title and description of each image. Consider using a backlink generator to increase your link popularity and get faster results.

Answer a Common Question

Think about the interest of your readers and try to answer their questions. Use Q & A sites, chat boards, and forums to find out what people are looking for. Create compelling posts that provide answers to the most common questions of your audience. Your job is to help the reader by providing the best possible answer his problem.

Interview an Expert

Search for industry influencers and ask them to answer a few questions for your readers. You can contact them online or in person. If you can’t meet them for an interview, send them your questions by email. Everyone wants to know what the experts think and how they became successful. Try to find a unique topic for your interview and keep to the time allowed.

Build Links with Video Content

Video is one of the best ways to answer “how to” questions and provide instructions. Additionally, people are more likely to watch video tutorials than reading a 1500-word article with instructions. A successful video can generate millions of page views and attract a large number of quality backlinks to your website.

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