Can You Really Protect Yourself From PPC Fraud?

PPC or Pay Per Click maybe your best tool for generating lead in this economy, but you have to be careful because fraud clicks have reached 18.4% by the end of 2009. Fraud clicks occur when someone or something, a program or script, click a PPC Ad to earn for it without the intention of buying a product or paying for a services. The most obvious method is your competitor clicking your ad repeatedly.

This will exhaust your daily budget and make your ad stop running for the day.

Fraud clicks usually occurs by a competitors trying to push you on a daily spend limit so you ad won’t show up anymore for that day and then thy get you place or could be publisher making money every time an ad is clicked at they site either way the advertiser get charged for the click. Fraud clicks could cause advertisers to spend from 10% to 27% of they hard earned money. Three basic options that you can take protect yourself from PPC Fraud.

The first one is to ask your ad provider if they have any kind of counter measure to protect yourself against click fraud. For example, Google has a program called AdLogger. This is capable of blocking determined IP addresses so they can’t view or click any of your ad.

The second option is maintain control over your PPC ad budget, spending. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars into this marketing scheme. Start with small amounts and check how much your sales have increased. You may find that over a period of time how much you invest in PPC but your sales will not improve.

The last one is the best

Tree A good PPC Spy program may be all you need to take your online business from zero to hero in no time at all.

Who is Doing PPC Frauds? A general and obvious reason is competition, publishers. someone will click a ppc ad posted by his competitor for two reasons:

1) to give him a run out for his money in a daily spending mode

2) Drive him out of competition for a particular competitive keyword

3) Click fraud is well know as AdWords frauds. Fraud clicks is a lesser known tactic your competition will employ against your PPC campaign.

Dishonest search engines themselves get engaged in this kind activities since it is the search engine who the advertiser has to pay per click on his advertisement.

The internet is not a trouble free, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop using it. You only need to be careful. If you take some security measures you will be able to avoid PPC fraud. You experience the same thing with your computer when you connect it to the net. If you don’t take care of it, you will find it full of virus like Trojans and spyware. So don’t let PPC click fraud stop you from using a marketing tool that can generate good results for your website

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