2 Best Ways I Stopped Wasting Money With PPC Marketing

I started out the same way as most people in the internet marketing world by trying to learn all of the online marketing tips from all the gurus at once. This was a great way to learn lots of things all at once but it did burn a big hole in my pocket.

I started with affiliate marketing and setup my own website, then I started driving traffic with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. The thing I learned with PPC was that if you do not do your research you can waste a lot of money with the wrong key words.

  1. So the number one thing I learned to do is spend the time with keyword research. There are many great keyword tools on the net today and once I found my best keyword program it helped me learn all about what the best keywords are for my selected niche and let me in on my competitors keywords and best ads are.
  2. The second best thing I learned was about PPV (Pay Per View), this is the best cost affective way of advertising on the internet today and all the big gurus are not talking about it. The reason why they are not talking about it is that you can get new leads in your business for cents yes cents.

These two things have changed the way I advertise on the internet today and I have reduced my advertising cost by more then half and increased my leads two fold.

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