Google AdWords PPC Tips – How to Improve Traffic Quality

Low traffic quality can derail a campaign if your campaign isn’t optimized properly. Low quality traffic can inflate your impressions bringing down your click through rate or eat away your advertising budget with hundreds of unwanted clicks. Below are several tips to improve your PPC traffic quality.

Identify Who Isn’t Your Customer

When trying to improve your traffic quality, the first step is to identify who isn’t your customer. If someone has little or no chance of becoming a customer you want to filter them out.

Narrow Your List Of Broad Keywords

Broad keywords allow the search engine to alter or replace your keywords with similar or relevant keywords used in a search query. This increases your exposure, but can dramatically lower your traffic quality if your ad is being displayed to people who aren’t potential customers.

When using broad keywords, you not only have to take into account what a search user types, you also have to account for the changes made to your keywords by the search engine. Narrow your list to keywords and phrases you consider directly related to your business.

Track your results and filter out unproductive keywords every few weeks.

Use Your Ad To Pre-Qualify Clicks

You’d be excited to see a click through rate of twenty percent, until you realize those clicks resulted in zero sales. When you’re getting a high number of clicks that don’t result in sales or conversions you need to filter out the “tire kickers”.

These are people who click on your ad to see the offer with no intention of buying from you. The most effective way to filter out these unwanted clicks is to pre-qualify your traffic by adding a price into your advertisement.

When people see a price in an advertisement you filter out people who are only looking for free information, and you also filter out people who don’t have enough money to purchase your offer.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are often the difference between a profitable and unprofitable campaign. It prevents your ad from being shown when the negative keyword is included with the search query. Negative keywords can lower your impressions, and improve your click through rate by filtering out search users that are not likely to do business with you.

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