SEO for Blogs – Three Easy Ways to Be Noticed

The proper use of SEO for blogs can create an almost magical system for getting to the top of the search engines. There are a lot of bloggers who will spend their entire career struggling to get to the first page of search results. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Once you get a good idea of what will work, it becomes simple to get just about any blog post to rank in the search engines. There are lots of great techniques out there, but we would like to mention the three top ideas that get us results.

Use these 3 simple SEO for blog strategies to drive your posts to the top!

1) Article Link- It may sound a little strange to tell a blogger to post his information somewhere else first, but that is exactly what works the best. Submit your post as an article to one of the many Ezine pages before you post it to your blog site. This is one of the more powerful tools a blogger can have and it is completely free. When we talk about SEO for blogs, we are talking about links for the most part. When you submit your content to the article page, be sure to insert a link to your blog site. Then when you post the information on the blog, add a link to the publish article. The pull your site has increases almost immediately. You can be the expert in the field as your name and content gets around the internet.

2) Video Link- Videos are stronger content than just about anything else these days and YouTube is the king of video. When you create a post, take the time to make a short video about it and submit it to YouTube. Be sure to add a link to your blog in the description of the video. Then when create the post, simply embed the video at the bottom of the page. You have an instant link to a very popular site. And this particular link runs both ways again, inbound and outbound. It will amaze you what the difference to your posts will be too. People are attracted to lights and sounds. Why not give them some? You can become a trust friend as your readers have a chance to see and hear you in the video format. The truth is that people don’t buy from companies, they buy from people. You just need to make that connection and video will do it for your every time.

3) Internal Link- Every page on a blog site gets its own url address. Even though they are all tied to the same blog, the search engines will consider the links between pages when the calculate ranking. At a minimum you will want t link to your front page in every post. Then if you have other postings about the same topic, you can add links to both as a link exchange. Create an about page for your blog site that talks about you and your industry. You can then link all of your posts to that page as well. You are creating a web of links in your blog. As long as the links lead to relevant content, it will count for your ranking. Be sure to add relevant pictures that have been uploaded to your blog library as an additional internal link on your posts. The more you place on your site and then reference, the better you will rank.

SEO for blogs is a different animal in the world of internet marketing. As you start to think about what you have to offer, you will see the potential in this new way of advertising. Simply by being aware of your options and maximizing your exposure, you can create a blog that will stand out in the crowd and be counted among the very few on the front page of the search engines. Having a basic understanding of marketing principles and internet marketing in general will serve you well. A solid marketing and mentoring group can help you through the learning curve and be there to answer your questions as they come up. Take a close look at your options and learn to succeed.

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