LinkedIn PPC Campaign Management – Everything You Need To Know

LinkedIn ads though a bit on the expensive front, give you richer targeting options as compared to any other platform in the universe of digital marketing. Since the amount of money involved is huge (brands have to pay a minimum of $2 per click), campaign management becomes extremely critical. Before getting into campaign management, let’s see the structure of a LinkedIn ad campaign.

• Ad campaign name & Language

LinkedIn ads are available in 18 different languages. LinkedIn seems to have missed out a trick by not involving Hindi and Chinese, especially when the user base in India is 15 million +

• Ads variations in the campaign

Each campaign can have up to 15 ad variations. Each ad consists of a headline of up to 25 characters, a brief description of 75 characters and a link to a landing page. A 50 * 50 image is recommended to increase the visibility of your ads.

• Different Ad units

o Square

o Tall

o Long

After you set the structure of the campaign and fix your targeting, you are given an option on the type of model you want your ads to follow. You can opt for a PPC or CPM model. If your objective is lead generation, a PPC model is recommended. After selecting the model and fixing how much you are willing to pay per click (bidding), you just need to enter your credit card details and LinkedIn will invoice you once a month based on the clicks/impressions for all your ads in your campaign.

Once your ads are up and running, what metrics do you look at to see whether your campaign is successful or not?

• Clicks – Clicks are the most obvious indication that people like your ad content. Generally, the higher the clicks for a targeted campaign, the better is the campaign performance.

• Impressions – Generally, impressions are a function of Click – Through – Rate and the bid. Theoretically, the higher you bid for a click, the more your impressions will be. However, impressions also depend on the number of clicks you get on your ads in the campaign. The higher the clicks in the campaign, the more money LinkedIn makes and your ads are shown more often.

• CTR – The click through rate is a ratio of clicks to impressions. For successful campaigns, it is in access of 0.025%.

• Average CPC – One of the most important aspects of campaign management is to monitor how much a click (potential lead) is costing you. Average CPC gives you that insight. If you make a large amount per sale a high CPC might not be a bad thing.

All these metrics are significant aspects of campaign management. Are you monitoring LinkedIn ads to ensure you are getting ROI from your campaign?

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