Simple Introduction to SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is basically what you do to your website to get it to appear in the search engine results, in a favorable position (first page of Google’s results is often the goal).You cannot just make a website and hope it appears on the first page, for starters what searches would it appear for? You have to optimize your website to certain words and phrases (keywords).

So if you had a website selling protein shake you would have to target your SEO to a keyword like “best protein shake”. This keyword will have been researched by you to make sure it has profit potential. When someone searches for “best protein shake” in a search engine, if you have done your SEO well, your website will appear in the results, thus getting visitors to your website. Now the optimization comes into two main categories – on page and off page (we are going to combine the two).

Normally on page optimization is you adding your keywords, etc. into your content in strategic places. Off page optimization is normally made up by creating content on other websites, and then having a link in that content back to your website (a backlink).

To understand why backlinks are important you have to try and get inside Google’s head. Google wants to rank websites on its results that are relevant to the search term. If a website is naturally relevant to something people will create links to it when talking about a subject, so in a “perfect” situation all the most relevant pages would appear in the search results just by letting people talk about them and link to them. For you that would be a problem because how do you get people on to your site and talking about it, without getting them there in the first place?

To rank your website you would need to go out to create these backlinks to your website yourself to get it to rank in the search engines, this is essentially what SEO is. Now this on page, off page divide has been around since search engines came about, but with the advent of a more social Internet and recent Google updates, you can now combine on page and off page if you are clever about your SEO. As this is the direction Google is moving in, you can also ensure your websites stay ranked well in the future.

Google’s recent updates have all been directed at removing low quality content from the search results, and also giving more accurate results on what is popular from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Combining these factors with some killer keyword research we are going to work through one of the most effective ways to rank well and stay ranked.

SEO is an ongoing tasks. As internet marketers it is our job to stay on top of market trends and never stop learning. Make a commitment every week to research the market and learn about changes to search engines and search rankings.

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