SEO Terms

You have probably heard the term SEO. You have probably worked with SEO. But what is it and why is it important? The short answer is that the acronym stands for search engine optimization. So what is that, exactly? Well, it means that written content, such as an article or a key word is optimized for search engines to find, and direct people to a website. But not any website, the best website for whatever they are searching for.

If you were doing a project on Abraham Lincoln for example, you’re first move would likely be typing his name into a search engine. What comes up is many, many websites that mention the man, his presidency, his life, his death, etc. But which one will give you the right answers, the ones you need for your project and be the most trustworthy? These sites will be in the first five or so in the list. Why? Because the search engines have seen these sites are worthy of a look based on your search criteria. They are trustworthy, they use all the proper rules and regulations search engines put forth and they are easy to use, comprehensive and full of the right information. This is SEO at work.

This is all great for the searcher, but what about if you are building a website and want it ranked highly on searches? This part is pretty easy too. You simply go by the rules set out, put high quality content relevant to the topic on your site and you are sure to use the proper key words and relevant search information in your writing. Sites that are trustworthy will be the ones that you tell your friends about, they will be the ones that the most people see first because, lets face it, who goes to a second page of a search? Research has shown that most will click on the first one or two sites. Time is precious, we don’t have all day to find the information we want, we want it now. So, we type something into the search and hit the first thing that comes up. This is what SEO is working for you to achieve. Quick answers to questions, quick search times; the best information right at your fingertips.

If you ever wonder why one search engine is revered above the rest, it’s because they set the standard for good sites to follow.

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