SEO and How Google Works

When you search for something on Google you enter the keywords of what you are looking for and, as if by magic, you have thousands if not millions of results returned to you in the blink of an eye. So if you are going to do search engine optimization you might want to have an idea of how Google works.

Well, basically when you do a search on Google, it’s programs check the indexes it has built to find out which pages are most relevant to the search that you have done. Then Google returns these results to you in a list, with the pages that are deemed most relevant by Google at the top, descending in order of relevance.

The way it works can almost be compared, in the most simplest of terms, to checking the index of a book to find something you are looking for.

Google uses the following three main elements to get its results:

Crawling:  Google has a specialised computer program which crawls your website and web pages to determines how often and how many pages to retrieve from each site.  It also considers domain names from previous crawls and previously submitted Site maps.  Each time it crawls a web page it denotes fresh links, fresh content and any dead links.

Indexing:  Every time the Google programs crawl they make an index of all of the information compiled including information about page titles, content tags, alternative text etc.  

Serving Results: Each time Google is searched, its computers check its index for relevant pages which match the search terms and then gives you these results.

All these elements go together to give you the most relevant results with the most quality content.

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